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Why I Committed to Being Committed

Bipolar sucks. There's really no nice way to say it...it just sucks.  Even when things are good (and it does happen), there's always the knowledge that it's only for so long.  Eventually, you'll hit the top of the hill and come rocketing down the other side....

Meet Franklin, My Pocket ESA!

This weekend, I got a new little friend.  His name is Franklin, and he's incredibly adorable and my new ESA.  For those that aren't familiar with the term, an ESA is an emotional support animal. It's a cuddly friend and an added responsibility, but for some it can...

Spoons and Batteries

What do batteries and spoons have to do with mental health? When I first heard about Christine Miserandino's spoon theory, I laughed.  It seemed really absurd to me, even as someone living with chronic mental health problems.  I mean, seriously....spoons?  Surely...

The Invention of Hugo Cabret

Imagine you are in a movie theater. The lights go dark... The curtain rises... Suddenly, you see a whole new world appear in front of you. The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick perfectly blends two different art forms while paying homage to a number of...

I Am the Messenger

As a heads up, I use affiliate links to bring in a small amount of income to pay for site needs. As such, there may be links within this post to allow you to purchase items discussed. If you chose to purchase, I get a small fee but you don't have to pay anything...

Life with mental illness is hard.  There’s no way around that fact.  For some it’s a constant niggling knowledge that at any moment, everything could go wrong.  For others, it’s a beast the sits on your chest and prevents you from moving or even breathing. You wake up in the morning and it seems to take all of your energy just to roll out of bed and on to the floor.  Not gonna lie, the number of days my depression has left me to shout for help because my blanket was wrinkled is more than I should probably admit.  But still, when your brain is working against you, what can you do but stay afloat?  Mental illness is brutal.

Parenting is hard, too.  There’s no way around that either.  You have all the perfect parents, the desperate parents, the freestyle parents, and so on, all vying to be the best. You’re sitting here in the middle, just trying to stay awake while they tell you how to fix your latest parenting crisis.  Baby won’t sleep?  That’s okay!  There’s a cure!  Kids fighting? We’ve got a few different fixes for that.  Mommy can’t stay awake? Try one of our thousand delightful recipes, guaranteed to wake you up and provide valuable bonding time with your littles. Okay, so, I’m exaggerating a little….but the thought is there.  Parenting is crazy hard work.

When you add those two things together…. well, that gives you a whole new world of hard.  You can become the parent who thanks god her eldest is old enough to cook for the youngest because you can’t even find pants and now you’re sobbing on the floor.  You can be the parent who looks at their newborn babe and instead of a swelling of the heart feels a crushing despair.  You can become the parent who overthinks every single action from your girl because you know that she’s right around the right age to start presenting symptoms, and god…there’s a 10% chance she will.  You become more than just an illness, and more than just a role.

Parenting is hard.  Mental illness is hard.

Parenting with mental illness?  I’m pretty sure we’re superheroes.

Come be a superhero with me.

<3 Shahana

Shahana May

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I’m a short 30-something mom of two with Bipolar and a whole host of other junk going on.  I write to hopefully build a community of support for others like me, parents with mental illnesses, and to show some of the ways I’ve learned to make it work. Thank you for joining us!