Meet the Family

I’ve been blessed (and sometimes cursed) with just about the weirdest family I know: two children and two supportive partners in my life.  Yeah, you heard me!  Two.  Curious how that came about? Read on…

In the Beginning…

M and E are happy!

Mike and Eileen cheering for a dinner out!

I met Mike, my wonderful husband, online way back in 2001 (sheesh, crazy to think it’s been that long).  It was a crazy short courtship with only a three month gap between first meeting face to face and my moving cross country to be with him.  We proposed to eachother within the first few months and married six years later.

That December, we realized I was about 6 weeks late (I’d been busy with work so I didn’t notice, okay?)… a bit more of a Christmas surprise than we were shooting for.  Soon enough, along came our daughter, Eileen, and things got epically more complex for us. We were horribly unprepared, but extremely excited.

The second big surprise came a couple months later, when my husband got to become a stay-at-home dad (because apparently we couldn’t escape the economic chaos unscathed).  We we able to move in with his parents to stay afloat while he searched for work.  Little did we know it would be a 6 year quest before anything changed.

Baby and Moppa meeting for the first time

Moppa Morgan getting to meet baby Jamie just after he was born

Fast forward to 2010, and we made the family decision to send me away to college.  While there, I met my best friend, and source of even more chaos, Morgan.  Living expenses being what they are, we got an apartment together, and when my husband and daughter finally got back to North Dakota, we became a rather unexpected family of four.

We’ve bought a house, added another kid (James…he’s a bit of a monkey), and a dog (Skittles. No, we didn’t name her, but we also didn’t change it) since then. What started as a small family of two young people has turned into a five person den of insanity, stress, and fun.

I’d say I wouldn’t change it for anything, but….well…..lets be honest.  That depends on the day. 😉